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Language Training
How do I begin my language lessons with Global LT?
You need to login to your Dashboard account and be sure you have completed and submitted your Language Training Questionnaire.
How do you select your instructors?
Instructors are selected based on their education, experience, availability, location to client and expertise. Our screening and onboarding process ensures that each instructor meets the specific goals and needs of our students. Global LT provides onboarding to new instructors in our teaching methodology to ensure they understand our approach and philosophy to language learning.

Global LT’s instructors come from a variety of worldwide resources including:
· Colleges and universities
· Professional language associations
· Professional language institutes
· Referrals from currently employed language instructors
· Online memberships, specific to professional language instruction
· Advertising on area and country-specific teaching websites
· LinkedIn
What are your instructor qualifications?
· Most instructors are native speakers of the target language and all instructors possess native fluency in the target language.
· Significant language teaching or private tutoring experience is preferred; instructors with corporate client experience are given preference.
· Instructors must have a college level degree or appropriate educational experience.
· Instructors must provide professional references, which are checked by Global LT.
· Selected instructors may be asked to provide examples of previous curriculum and training development, which is reviewed by Global LT.
How many hours does it take to become fluent in a target language?
This is dependent on each student; however, there are tools that can help determine this. Please reference the Global LT Proficiency Guide.
Where are your language lessons provided?
Global LT lessons can be provided at the student’s home, office, or another convenient location determined by the student and teacher (e.g., coffee shop, library, etc.).
What time are lessons offered? Do you have to have lessons at a pre-determined time?
Lesson time is determined by the student based on their needs and convenience. Lessons may take place at any time (morning, afternoon, evening), including on weekends.
Can I have lessons over the telephone if I can't make it to face-to-face lessons?
Global LT does not offer or recommend lessons over the phone. It is recommended that face-to-face lessons are attended, or virtual lessons through GLT Connect can be utilized to ensure the best learning experience for the student.

Cross-Cultural Training
My employer has offered me an international work assignment. How do I know if I am really ready to take such an assignment?
Global LT offers a cultural assessment that will help you and your employer decide whether you are ready to embark on an international assignment. We also offer various types of training to better prepare you for such an assignment.

Destination Services & Relocation
How do I know what my budget is when I am looking for housing during my international relocation?
If you login to your dashboard and you do not see your current information, you can contact your Destination Services Consultant at anytime to get an updated housing budget for your assignment.

Tech Support & Dashboard Help
My GLT Connect class is not loading properly on my phone. How do I correct this?
We do not recommend taking GLT Connect classes on a mobile device. We suggest taking virtual classes from a PC, laptop, or tablet only.

General Global LT FAQs
I am interested in learning more about the other types of solutions Global LT offers. Who can I speak to?
You can contact the Client Service Consultant listed on the home screen of your Dashboard.
I am having an issue with my Language Teacher. Who do I contact to get a resolution?
You can contact the Client Service Consultant listed on the home screen of your Dashboard. This person is your main Global LT contact and will take care of any issues you might have.

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